The P.S. Story

The Beginning:

As a hopeful author, and avid traveler, I always found I could express myself and my gratitude to others best via written words. The people who let you rest easy, the ones you call in the dark of the night-the one's who need you to be close but don't even need you to say anything. These people deserve to be appreciated. And as I met more and more of these kind of gems from across the world, post cards, love letters, and handwritten words became my weapon of choice. 

Then, 2020 stopped everything. I had just moved back to America, and gotten engaged. We had to cancel our wedding plans. Postpone our trips to see family and friends in Jamaica, South Africa, and Uganda. And suddenly I not only missed my loved ones from distant places, but I also missed my loved ones nearby. We were in quarantine and a deep feeling of isolation began to set in on what felt like much of the world.

This is from where was born. 

The Inspiration:

It was Spring of 2018 when I received my first paper plane from Camilo. He was at yet another scheme to woo me and had hidden handwritten cards all throughout my life, my favorite one? A note scratched onto a folded airplane. He was a plane nerd. I was a words nerd. It was an icon of hope for us. Spoiler-we ended up getting married.  

The Hope: 

We all spend more time thinking about the brave things we will say than actually saying them. P.S. is here to help. Help bridge that tough conversation. Help apologize. Help make a normal day magical. Tiny moments matter. And we hope that here you'd find hope, and send hope. Whether it's a celebration, an apology card, or to simply say "I'm proud of you". Words matter, and moments matter-especially when we can hold them in our hands.